Marie Claire described Macklin as “the Jamie Oliver of nutrition” and The Rake magazine named her their 2017 Woman of the Year.  

Macklin understands how nutrition, a science once associated exclusively with elite athletes, can have a huge influence on the everyday health and wellbeing of ordinary citizens and bring about life-changing benefits to those affected by illness and conditions such as diabetes.

In April 2018 she joined Dr. Aseem Malhotra, Sir Richard Thompson (the Queen’s former physician), and Hanno Pijl (a professor of diabetology) at the European parliament to present their findings on dietary guidelines and their link to the Type 2 diabetes epidemic in a campaign entitled, ‘Big Food and Big Pharma: Killing for Profit?’

Macklin began her career as a fashion model. She has appeared in numerous publications, including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, and has represented luxury brands such as Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, and Ralph Lauren.

“Today, Macklin is a Registered Associate Nutritionist recognised by the Association for Nutrition.

Her 12 years as a successful international model showed her how young women are expected to look and perform at their physical best without being offered nutritional guidance. For Macklin it was a serious oversight that models who were expected to conform to certain aesthetic standards were not being educated in achieving these goals by eating to enhance their health, wellbeing and mental energy. 

Inspired to bring the science of nutrition to the fashion industry, Macklin embarked on a 2 year HND in Human Nutrition at Oxford College, and a further 3 year Human Nutrition Degree at London Metropolitan University where she achieved a first-class honours BSc in Human Nutrition. 

Macklin practises at London’s renowned ROC Harley Street Clinic. There she consults, advises and performs scientific analyses on a wide variety of professionals, showing how they can build a diet to positively impact every dimension of their lives.

An enthusiastic amateur chef, she loves to demonstrate via her Instagram account, @sarahannmacklin how eating in a nutritionally responsible way does not have to compromise your enjoyment of food and life. 

In her capacity as an associate nutrition editor, Macklin contributes to numerous titles, including Women’s Health U.K., Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar,, Mr Porter, and The Rake.


“Macklin is today considered the face and voice of modern nutrition, and is a rapidly rising star across multiple mediums.