Nutritionist Sarah Macklin's top tips on how models can eat well during fashion month


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It’s all about embracing omega 3’s


Size inclusivity and body positivity are, slowly but surely, taking their rightful place on the fashion agenda. One look at most runways however, and it’s clear that, by and large, there remains pressure for models to be size 8 and under.

After twelve years spent modelling for major brands and experiencing the dietary issues which can arise from working in the industry, Sarah-Ann Macklin was inspired to leave it all behind and re-train as a nutritionist.

Now operating from a clinic on Harley Street, Macklin (whose clients are mostly models) aims to ameliorate models' eating habits via an initiative called the ‘Be Well Creative’, which she founded in February 2018.

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The main focus is a morning workshop for models the week before fashion week; a time for Macklin to give nutritional advice on how best to survive the pressure of the week, whilst maintaining a healthy and nourishing diet. She’s joined on the panel by a GP to advise on stress, depression and anxiety, and the London Meditation Centre, which teaches meditation skills.

“It’s about mental health and nutrition, but it’s also about that 360-degree support,” says Macklin. “The workshops give the models strategies to take with them when they’re travelling the world on punishing schedules and with no access to the NHS.”

We caught up with Macklin to hear a little more about model diets and find out what nutritional advice she gives her top clients. 


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